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I founded Longdin Engineering in 2021, as a vehicle to indulge my career-long interest in domestic-scale engineering projects.



I have over 25 years of experience in my field of work, with over 20 of those as a fully qualified Chartered Engineer. As a founder of the reputable central London practice Constructure in 2011, I also have a decade of experience in practice leadership. I bring this wealth of experience to each and every Longdin Engineering project, personally delivering a premium quality, expert and responsive service.

A graduate of Loughborough University in 1997, joining Plandescil and engaging in rural refurbishment and new-build projects in East Anglia, completing professional training before moving to London in 2002 to join Price and Myers. Chartered Engineer status achieved in 2003, then appointment as an Associate of Price and Myers in 2005, delivering many projects in the residential and leisure sectors in and around London, from £10,000 to £100,000,000 in contract value. Going on then to found the reputable London-based consultancy Constructure in 2011, continuing to broaden experience in new-build and refurbishment projects, urban and rural alike. Longdin Engineering was subsequently founded in 2021.

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